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Le Wagon, in partnership with the Government of Belize, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility (CCPF) are proud to announce the launch of a data analysis training program (bootcamp) focused on Belizeans.

This training is being offered on a scholarships-only basis – yes, totally free for you! 🍀 – with the objective of preparing you for the future of work. The program will distribute a limited number of scholarships to any interested Belizean citizen over the age of 18.

This part-time Data Analytics course gives you the skills you need to boost your career in the tech world, in 14 weeks only – studying two nights a week and on Saturdays.
From Excel to Python, from Data Analysis to Big Data, you will finish the course knowing how to explore, clean and transform data into actionable insights, working in teams with the best-in-class tool belt.
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The most acclaimed bootcamp worldwide.

Le Wagon has 1951 reviews with an average grade of 4.98/5 which makes it the most acclaimed coding bootcamp worldwide on Switchup according to student reviews! Behind these reviews are hundreds of people around the world who have had a life-changing experience.

Best Coding Bootcamp

Going beyond excel.

We would not get as many great reviews if we were only teaching our students how to code. We go way beyond that: We make sure that you are job and market-ready. This means assuring that you have the skills to be able to work, collaborate and quickly contribute to any tech team (in addition to being a great coder, of course) 🚀

How you'll learn

Our part-time Data Analysis course is a part-time hands-on experience over a 14-week period. Students gather online for:

  • two coaching sessions from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, on Tuesday evenings and Thursday evenings,
  • and for an additional session on Saturday all day from 9am to 6pm.
The course is organised to build step by step actionable tech skills, and turn data into valuable business insights.

Pre Requisites

This is a beginner-friendly program with no prerequisites. The course however requires:

  • A good level of English proficiency (for non-native speakers, a CEFR level of B2 or a TOEFL score of 90 is recommended).
  • A laptop (PC), no more than four-years old and able to run the most recent operating system.
  • A webcam, headphones, and good access to the Internet.

Eligibility and How to apply ⚠️

This program aims to promote digital skills and capacitate the Belizean workforce for innovation, contributing to the country’s economic growth.  This program is open to any Belizean citizen over the age of 18 and there are no technical prerequisites or previous coding experience required.

As part of the partnership, fifteen (15) partial scholarships covering 50% (USD $3,000) of the standard program cost of USD $6,000  will be granted to employees of companies selected to participate in the Bootcamp.

To apply, you must fill the form on this page and undergo a selection process. After applying, our team will contact you for an online assessment and interview.  Applications received after July 12th, 23:59 will not be considered. Results will be announced on July 19th

The bootcamp will start on July 26th and will end on October 30.

Schedule and Program

Our course is organised to build step by step actionable skills, and turn data into valuable business insights.

Schedule – a typical week in our part-time program

Our part-time data analysis course will equip the students with the requisite skills to future-fit professions across the globe.

Tuesdays and Thursdays
from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Weekdays are all about content. We start at 6:30 sharp with an engaging & interactive lecture, before putting what you've learnt into practice with paired programming challenges.

from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Weekends are all about practice. Pair up with your buddy for the day, and work on a series of programming challenges with the help of our teaching staff.

Phase 1 - Python Basics

2 weeks
First steps in programming using Python, a general-purpose language with a readable syntax and the go-to language for data analysis, with no prerequisites.

Phase 2 - Databases

2 weeks
In a data-driven world, SQL is the standard language for relational database management. During this module, participants will learn most of the topics required for the usage of SQL in their work. They will use it to query a Relational database and retrieve information from it. Cloud providers (Amazon, Microsoft, Google) offer easy access to large data storage, processing, and analytics for companies which data will grow over time--probably, exponentially. This module is also an introduction to the main players for awareness, and a first practice into using the Google Suite, for analysing 10+ Billion records fast.

Phase 3 - Excel

1 week
The use of MS Office is widespread in all industries, and almost all big and small businesses use it in their day-to-day functioning. This module will provide practise in conducting basic spreadsheet operations and functions, as well as the construction of Pivot Tables and Charts. It is designed to give everyone a working knowledge of Excel with the aim of getting to use it for more advance topics later.

Phase 4 - PowerQuery and PowerBI

1 week
This Business Intelligence module brings Big Data together in one place: CSV files, SQL databases, or other cloud-based connectors (Google analytics, Salesforce...) are used to extract our data. We will first learn how to user PowerQuery for wrangling and cleaning the data. Then we will practice in answering critical business questions by producing interactive visualisations, producing reports. While in comparison Excel starts to slow down when dealing with large models, Power BI is optimised to deal with tables in excess of 100 million records without breaking a sweat.

Phase 5 - Mathematics essentials

2 weeks
Data Analysts must understand the underlying math behind all the libraries and models used in the field. With this module, students will be more comfortable with the basic concepts of statistics & probabilities (mean, variance, random variable, Bayes’s Theorem, etc.).

Phase 6 - Decision Science consulting project

2,5 weeks
In this first project, groups of students will have to solve a business challenge from a Brazilian online marketplace founded in 2015. Their first "client"! Groups will analyse the data set provided and follow a methodology we outline. Since Data analysts are meant to communicate their findings to non-technical audiences, each group must explain all their technical insights and turn them into business decisions using cost/benefits analysis.

Phase 7 - Final project and Demo Day

2,5 weeks
With this last module, students practice again on how to collaborate efficiently with an open-ended data analysis project. It will be a great way to practice all the tools, techniques and methodologies covered in the past and it will make them realise how autonomous they have become.

Phase 8 - Career coaching

1 week
In this module, students get ready for interviews using our career playbook, then receive help to meet with the best recruiters in the region. We also love to involve our course alumni as mentors, to share their experiences with fresh graduates: they explain step by step how they found their job as a Data Analyst!

Who we are:


The Inter-American Development Bank is devoted to improving lives. Established in 1959, the IDB is a leading source of long-term financing for economic, social and institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean. The IDB also conducts cutting-edge research and provides policy advice, technical assistance and training to public and private sector clients throughout the region.

Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility

Compete Caribbean is a private sector development program that provides technical assistance to support productive development policies, business climate reforms, clustering initiatives and technology and innovation in Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME) in the Caribbean region. The program, jointly funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the United Kingdom's Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Government of Canada, supports projects in 13 Caribbean countries. The CCPF is an example of how the Bank brings additional partners, insight and resources to improve lives throughout the region.

Le Wagon 

Le Wagon is specialized in technology education with training campuses operating in 42 cities worldwide and gathers a community of +10,000 alumni. Founded in Paris, France in 2013, Le Wagon has quickly become the most acclaimed coding bootcamp around the world. Le Wagon does not only teach coding & technical skills, it also helps people to think differently and to innovate.

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