Intro to Data Science: Short Course

Dive into the most popular data science tools and techniques with live instruction, videos, challenges, and real-world projects.

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Intro to Data Science 3 weeks
DateMar 15 - Mar 31, 2022 Registration DeadlineMar 13, 2022
Self Learning: Anytime
Before the beginning of each week, you're expected to complete a little homework! This homework includes watching our video walkthroughs, solving a few challenges, and taking a short quiz. 

Live Sessions:
Tuesday & Thursday (7:30 PM ~ 9:30 PM)
During these live sessions, you'll work with classmates and instructors to complete your course projects. This may be building a sales dashboard for Walmart in Tableau, querying a huge database of government salaries in San Fransisco, or analyzing thousands of songs on Spotify.

Price: 1,600 RMB

Course Content

It’s hard to think of a professional industry that doesn’t benefit from making data more understandable. Every STEM field benefits from understanding data—and so do fields in government, finance, marketing, history, consumer goods, service industries, education, sports, and so on.

Skill sets are changing to accommodate a data-driven world. It is increasingly valuable for professionals to be able to use data to make decisions and use visuals to tell stories of when data informs the who, what, when, where, and how. 

Through our Introduction to Data Science Short Course, you'll have the opportunity to explore the most popular tools and skills for Data Analysts today.

Each module of the course comes with recorded videos, detailed walk-throughs, interactive quizzes, and real-world projects. 

1. Data Visualization with Tableau (6 hrs)

By creating visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps, data visualization provides an accessible way to see patterns in data. During this module, we'll introduce best practices along with how to use the most popular data visualization software in the world: Tableau. 

Learning Outcome: Be able to clean, organize, and visualize data in an effective way using the world's most popular data visualization tool: Tableau.

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2. Querying Databases with SQL (6 hrs)

Since its creation in 1995, a MySQL database is still the most popular method of storing data for any company. SQL is a key skill to extract and make sense of the data all around you. During this module, we'll learn exactly what is a database, how we can establish relationships between our data, and finally how to quickly extract the data we need.

Learning Outcome: Understand what is a database and be able to create simple but effective SQL queries. 

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3. Analyzing Data with Python (6 hrs)

Python is very powerful and offers nearly unlimited possibilities to analyze your data. Many of the basic Python libraries or extensions, including libraries like NumPy and Pandas enable us to perform complex tasks with just a few lines of code. We'll learn all about this programming language, its use cases, and best practices in this final module. 

Learning Outcomes: Learn the basics of python while making basic analysis with libraries like NumPy and Pandas. 

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Bonus: Machine Learning & Deep Learning

As a bonus, we've thrown in a few introductory videos about Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Discover how these technologies are implemented and what makes them so interesting for Data Scientists today.

Learning Outcome: Understand what is Machine Learning and Deep Learning and how they are being used by Data Scientists today. 

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Course Benefits

What's included when you register for our upcoming Introduction to Data Science course? 

20+ Hours of Course Content. Includes recorded videos, walkthroughs, quizzes, and challenges. 

12+ Hours of Live Expert Guidance. Team up with your classmates twice a week to complete course projects, get real-time guidance, and have any content-related questions answered.

Project Grading and Feedback. Get feedback from instructors and understand how to accelerate your learning.

Lifetime Access to Slack Community. Connect with our community of students and instructors around China who have enrolled in the Introduction to Data Science course.

Official Certificate of Completion. Receive an official certificate of completion that you can add to your resume, LinkedIn, or personal profile. 

100% Discount on Bootcamps. Enroll in our Web Development or Data Science bootcamps and we'll deduct this Short Course's fee from your bootcamp tuition.

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