Automate Your Work with Python: Short Course

Discover the world of programming and Python with live instruction, videos, quizzes and solving real-world problems.

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Automate Your Work with Python 4 weeks
DateFeb 8 - Mar 3, 2022 Registration DeadlineFeb 4, 2022
Self Learning: Anytime
Before the beginning of each week, you're expected to complete a little homework! This homework includes watching our video walkthroughs, doing some reading, and taking a short quiz. 

Live Sessions:
Tuesday & Thursday (7:30 PM ~ 9:30 PM)
During these live sessions, you'll work with classmates and instructors to complete your challenges and projects. You will explore Python by building programs for cases like a shopping cart, a Black Jack game, and even fetching and analyzing data from the web.

Price: 2,400 RMB

Course Content

Python has been one of the most widespread programming languages for a few years now. In 2020, a survey showed that one in every five people learning to program were learning Python. And in 2021 a survey by JetBrains found Python to be the fastest growing language. But what is causing this popularity?

Python allows for a lot of diversity in what you can build. With it you can analyze data and create machine learning models, or build a website, or make a game, or program a robot butler. Python is a great way to automate or augment any task you might be doing at work or personal life.

Through our Automate Your Work with Python Short Course, you'll will learn all you need to start writing your own scripts - starting from the very basics, all the way to interacting with the web and analyzing datasets through Python.

Each module of the course comes with recorded videos, detailed walk-throughs, interactive quizzes, and real-world projects. 

1. Python Basics (6 hrs)

In the first module, we will go over the basics of coding and Python. We will explore the tools used in programming, discover to vocabulary and notions that developers use every day.

Learning Outcomes: Get familiar with Python syntax and key concepts, like variables, functions, data types and conditions. By the end of the module, you'll be able to do common Python operations.

2. Loops and Lists (6 hrs)

One of the key aspects of programming, is that it can help us automate repetitive tasks or perform actions on a bulk of data. In this module we will explore the core concepts of loops and data structures, which allow us to do just that.

Learning Outcome: Understand how loops and lists are used, how to work with Python docs and built-in functions, and build your own game!



3. Advanced Data Structures (6 hours)

Python is great in dealing with various data structures, and we need different kinds of structures for different use cases, as well as better ways of storing information.

Learning Outcome: Understand structures like dictionaries and tuples, work on more advanced programs like a currency converter, and code your own shopping cart.

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4. Python Packages (6 hours)

One of the successes of Python is its' community of developers and existing tooling. Taking advantage of this ecosystem is an important skill to have for anyone who wants to build things or improve tasks with Python.

Learning Outcome: Learn to source and use libraries for a variety of cases - from working with dates and times, to fetching real data from the web and permanently storing it on your computer.

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Bonus - Python for Data Analysis

Python is very powerful and offers nearly unlimited possibilities to analyze your data. Many of the basic Python libraries or extensions, including libraries like  Pandas enable us to perform complex tasks with just a few lines of code. In this bonus module we will introduce how you can extend your skills to work better with data.

Learning Outcomes: Learn to make basic analysis with libraries like NumPy and Pandas, as well as visualize your findings in Jupyter Notebooks.

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Course Benefits

What's included when you register for our upcoming Introduction to Data Science course? 

25+ Hours of Course Content. Includes recorded videos, walkthroughs, quizzes, and challenges. 

16+ Hours of Live Expert Guidance. Team up with your classmates twice a week to complete course projects, get real-time guidance, and have any content-related questions answered.

Project Grading and Feedback. Get feedback from instructors and understand how to accelerate your learning.

Lifetime Access to Slack Community. Connect with our community of students and instructors around China who have enrolled in the Introduction to Data Science course.

Official Certificate of Completion. Receive an official certificate of completion that you can add to your resume, LinkedIn, or personal profile. 

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