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If you're an Indonesian citizen, receive a USD 1,000 discount on the total tuition fees. At Le Wagon Indonesia, we believe in making technology accessible to develop local talent who will grow the Indonesian tech ecosystem.

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On campus - 9 weeks

Data Analytics
Jan 15 - Mar 15
USD $6,900

Master the fundamental skills of a Data Analyst in just a few weeks

Check Understand data sourcing

Discover business KPIs and learn how to collect data from various sources to run common analyses (churn, funnel, CAC, AB test, time to convert, etc..)

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Check Master data extraction and transformation

Learn to extract data using APIs, automation tools or product tracking. Transform and load data on a warehouse building the right data layers and using advanced SQL.

sql-svgrepo-com SQL dbt dbt fivetran-icon Fivetran
Check Learn BI and data visualization

Communicate your results clearly using the right visualisations and building automated dashboards with the most used BI tools.

power bi logo Power BI icon-google-data-studio-72326426713dc57745f9c6e22a3d1139ccefdec52beb1d1e88a8456cb016a548 Google Data Studio
Check Learn Python for Data Analytics

Run analysis on big data sets using Python and Jupyter notebook. Learn the foundations of Machine Learning with Python to collaborate with data scientists or ML engineers.

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What you will learn in practice

In this Data Analytics course, you will learn the fundamentals you need to become a Data Analyst in just 9 weeks.

How to apply to our Data Analytics course

Our Data Science course is very complete and intense. But don’t worry, if you don’t have the suggested requirements we will help you get there!


No technical prerequisites

The Data Analytics course is beginner-friendly, with no prerequisites required. What counts for us is that you’re motivated to start your new Tech journey.

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When you apply, we'll get back to you to schedule a 30 minute video interview. We'll talk about your professional project and your motivation.

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Payment options & prepwork

The last step will consist of finding the most suitable financing option for you. Then, you'll jump into the prepwork which consists of 40h training.
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