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Data Impact School

A journey into Data Science & Change!
3 workshops + 3 talks from May 31st to June 17th.

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Sustainability and change in Data Science

We believe that data can create a positive impact in communities 🌿 For this reason, Le Wagon Lisbon and Nova SBE created a special free event series from May 31st to June 17th!

Data Impact School is an inspiring journey into Data Science and its application to issues that matter. Each week is dedicated to a specific topic, combining practical workshops and inspirational talks from lead professionals in the field 🧑🏻‍💻

Whether you are looking for tangible insights or want to see how you can make a change, check our agenda below! 👇

Data with an impact

Week 1 | Workshop + Talk on Environment ♻️

Mon, 31/05


Discover the basics of programming with Python and Pandas! Together with João Viana, we will analyse a dataset of the city of Lisbon, looking at data from air and sound sensors spread across the urban area.


Wed, 02/06

TALK • William Grimes [Data Science for Social Good]

We will be hosting Will Grimes, presenting "A Fishing Risk Framework from Satellites and Ocean Data", a global project developed within Data Science for Social Good. An inspiring session followed by live Q&A.



WEEK 2 | Workshop + Talk on Gender Equality 👩

Mon, 07/06


In this workshop, Isabel Fonseca will use Python and Pandas to analyse how gender equality (or inequality) reveals itself through data. Moreover, we will see if it is possible to predict a salary based on some features.


Wed, 09/06


TBA. Together with female Data Scientists and tech associations representatives, we will explore the world, role and perspectives of women in Data Science in Portugal.



Week 3 | Workshop + Talk on Health 🏥

Mon, 14/06


A fascinating journey into health with machine learning. Starting from data such as chest X-rays and ECG recordings, Qiwei Han will analyze and predict diseases and abnormalities using various approaches including convolutional neural networks.


Thu, 17/06

TALK • Leid Zejnilovic & Bruna Riboldi

Professor Leid Zejnilovic and Bruna Riboldi present the project “Predicting the Risk of developing Diabetic Nephropathy”, winner of the first edition of the Data for Change program and developed in partnership with the Associação Protectora dos Diabéticos de Portugal (APDP).




Who should follow these panels?

⚠️ We speak your language! No need to know how to code. All presentations are tailored for beginners.

  • Data-curious professionals 🙇🏻‍♀️ not yet working in the field and want to get a taste of what it means to work with large amounts of data.
  • Employees 👩‍💻 wishing to understand the power of being able to analyse large data sets with the right tools and go beyond Excel.
  • Marketing professionals 📈 who want to prove how a data-driven approach can boost their performance. 
  • Managers or executives 💼 wishing to understand the main challenges of modern data analysis.
  • Entrepreneurs 🚀 working on data projects in need for an inspirational boost to kick-off their ideas!

How does it work?

By registering in the form above, you'll be redirected to Livestorm where you can sign up for the remaining events of the Impact School. 

  • All panels start at 6:30pm
  • All events run for 1h approximately - After registering, you will be onboarded on Livestorm, our webinar platform.
  • By registering to the whole event series, you will be able to interact with Data Science professionals in an interactive way through interviews, live code, exercises and Q&As. Plus, you will always get all replays!

About Le Wagon

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