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πŸ“ˆ What: The Data Science Academy is a 2-evening remote live training to learn some of the key languages and tools used in Data Science including Python, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Who: This is an intermediate-level training. Beginners are welcomed but keep in mind that the lecture goes fast and having some basic coding knowledge would help you feel more comfortable. 

πŸ“ Where: In our virtual classroom

πŸ—“οΈ When:

β€£ Wednesday, February 16, 2022, 6-9pm

β€£ Wednesday, February 17, 2022, 6-9pm

 Why  you should join

For two evenings, you'll get immersed in the daily life of a Data Scientist. You'll learn the fundamental principles of data science, and get into the "data-analysis thinking" necessary for extracting useful knowledge and insights business value from the data you collect. 

 Included in the program:

  • Discover the basics of programming with Python and get your hands on concrete business cases using datasets from the real world
  •  Learn what is Machine Learning, when it's used, and build models yourself using Python 

Learn with a structured program and engaging   teachers. 

  • Access to the learning database: You'll get access to our proprietary learning platform where you can brush up your skills with slides, quizzes, and coding challenges. 
  • A supportive learning community: You'll have the opportunity to ask for support from our teachers and network with fellow participants in a Slack workspace. 


How can you participate?

Registrations close on February 9, 2022

To make the session interactive and give space to everyone to ask questions, seats are limited. We'll close the applications on February 9 at noon.

Fill out the form on the right part of the page to register.

About  Le Wagon 

Le Wagon specializes in technology education with training campuses operating in 44 cities worldwide and a community of +13,500 alumni. Founded in Paris, France, in 2013, Le Wagon has quickly become the most acclaimed coding bootcamp around the world. Le Wagon does not only teach coding & technical skills, it also helps people to think differently and to innovate. 

About our Data Science Bootcamp: 

From Python to advanced Machine Learning models, students learn all the skills they need to join a Data Science team. Included in the program: Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Decision Science, and Data Engineering.

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