Start your career in  Data Science 

In 24 weeks, work on all the logical steps of how data flows in an organization, from collection to use case. From the basics of Pandas to advanced Machine Learning models, you will finish the bootcamp knowing how to collect, store, clean, explore, transform and predict Data in production environments, working in teams with the best-in-class tool belt.

What you will  learn 

Data Science Foundations (90 hours)

  • Use and master Python core aspects used in Data Science

  • Learn Data Sourcing from an exhaustive list of techniques (CSV, API, Scraping, SQL, etc.)

  • Sharpen your SQL skills with advanced queries (JOIN, PARTITION, RANK, etc.)

  • Master the data scientist toolkit (Jupyter suite) and perform your first data analysis with Pandas

  • An image is worth a thousand words, that’s why Data Visualization is key in communicating one’s result. Never used a violin chart? You will!

  • Grasp the Mathematical concepts behind Data Science: statistics, probability and linear algebra.


Machine Learning in Production (90 hours)

  • Dive head first into Machine Learning and complete a full tour of the scikit-learn library. 2 weeks of the program will take you from your first linear regression to advanced unsupervised learning models.

  • Go from your first linear regression to advanced unsupervised learning models in only 2 weeks.


Data Engineering in Production (45 hours)

  • Master Google Cloud Platform to store and retrieve data with BigQuery and deploy models to production

  • Learn to “extract, load and transform” (ETL) data into a Data Warehouse.

  • Design a data pipeline to build a robust and scalable system.

  • Leverage the scale of the cloud in your exploratory analysis from a Jupyter interface and run Machine Learning algorithms on the Google Cloud stack.


Deep Learning (45 hours)

  • Spend a week on Deep Learning, use neural networks and transfer learning to quickly build great models for Image Recognition, Time series & Natural Language Processing.


Data Science Projects (135 hours)

  • Learn the best practices when working on a Data Science project with a tech team

  • Build your data service or data product during the 2 final weeks: a personalised recommendations system, a search engine, an image recognition app, a supply chain optimisation tool or an e-commerce promotion & pricing app. Be ambitious and creative!

Why join  Le Wagon ?

Le Wagon is a coding bootcamp launched in Paris 5 years ago by ex-Google and ex-HSBC Engineer who wanted to make coding accessible and relevant for everyone.

Le Wagon is now running in 38 cities worldwide and has more than 6,000 alumni. Its cutting-edge curriculum and world-class teachers give students all the skills and tools needed to kick-start their tech career, land a promising job, or launch their own business.

Le Wagon was ranked #1 coding bootcamp worldwide by online review platforms for 3 years in a row.

Program  requirements 


Do I need to know programming?

Yes, a fair minimum. Our Data Science bootcamp is very intense and will jump into advanced topics from the very first week. Unlike our FullStack Web Development bootcamp where we spend 3 weeks learning Ruby from scratch, applicants for the Data Science bootcamp need some programming. How much? You must be comfortable with data types & variables, conditions, loops, functions and the two data structures list & dict (named Array and Hash in Ruby). If you know those topics in Ruby, JavaScript or some other language than Python, feel free to embark on those free Fundamentals & Intermediate courses before the bootcamp.

Do I need to know math?

A minimum math level of “Première S” (High School Junior Year) is required for the batch. We need you to be comfortable with Functions, their Derivatives & System of linear equations. To get up to speed, some preparation work is given to applicants before the bootcamp start: Calculus, Linear Algebra & Statistics.

In which language is the course taught?

The Data Science course will be taught in English. 

How much does it cost?

The price of the Data Science bootcamp is the same as our web development bootcamp in Lisbon - 5900€.  Discounts are available for Le Wagon and Nova SBE alumni.  Contact us to learn more.  

More questions?

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