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Want to learn new skills? We've put together 8 free events to introduce you to the exciting world of data science!
100% online. From April 20 to May 12, 2021.

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Explore Data Science
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Whether you want to break into a data science role or learn basic techniques to get data insights, it's worth having some data science skills in your pocket (and your resume). The Data Science Month is an excellent way to kickstart your data learning journey from the comfort of your home!

πŸ“ˆ What: The Data Science Month is a series of free, online events, including workshops to learn key languages and tools used in Data Science, and talks to meet professionals and entrepreneurs working in the industry. 

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Who: This training is suitable for beginners who are interested in exploring Data Science. Some basic coding knowledge might help to feel more confident, but it's not required. 

πŸ—“οΈ When: From April 20 to May 12, 2021

πŸŽ“ Enroll in the
Data Science Academy

If you always wondered what it’s like to work in data science, this is your chance to get practical experience.

Enroll in this series of workshops to learn the basics of data science with a structured program and engaging teachers, and get into the "data-analysis thinking" necessary for extracting insights and business value from data.

[Workshop] Data Analytics with Python 

Discover the basics of programming with Python and get your hands on concrete business cases using datasets from the real world

What you'll learn:

  • Python  basics including variable, objects, and functions
  • Data sourcing techniques
  • How to use Pandas for data structure
  • How to use the Seaborn library for data visualization 

When: Tuesday, April 20, 2021 | 6-9 pm

[Workshop] Web Scrapping with Python

Get familiar with Python and learn the basics of Web Scraping through a step-by-step tutorial.

What you'll learn:

  • What's web scraping and what it's used for
  • How to use Python and the Beautiful Soup scraping library to scrap webpages

When: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 | 6-9 pm

[Workshop] SQL for beginners

Discover SQL, the standard language for relational database management, and use it to query a database and retrieve information from it.

What you'll learn:

  • How to explore and design a relational database
  • How to extract data from a relational database

When: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 | 6-9 pm

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Meet with data experts and entrepreneurs

Curious to know what it's like to work in the data industry? We invited data experts and entrepreneurs dealing with the latest data technologies to come talk about their journey.

Join us and get the chance to meet inspiring professionals working at the heart of data science.

[Career Series] Life as a Data Engineer

Come meet Lucas Nogueira, data expert and innovator.

With a broad spectrum of experience, from data engineering to applied AI, Lucas has explored many facets of the industry. In this career series, we will focus on the field of data engineering, but also on the skills needed to thrive in the data business. 

You'll also be able to ask your questions to Lucas!

When: Wednesday, April 21 | 6:30 pm

[Talk] Meet Amira & Mehdi, Co-founders at BRIDGR

Meet Amira, Co-Founder & CEO, and Mehdi, Co-Founder & Product Lead. 

Together they founded BRIDGR, a Montreal-based tech company that offers tools AI-powered to help small and medium businesses find and collaborate with the right experts and vendors to digitize their organization.

Learn about their journey into entrepreneurship, and ask them all your questions. 

When: Wednesday, April 28 | 6:30 pm

[Talk] Meet David, Co-Founder & COO at HeyDay.ai

David is a Swiss Army knife working at the intersection of Engineering, Product & Operations. With Hugues Rousseau, Steve Desjarlais, and Etienne Merineau, he founded Heyday.ai in 2017 in MontrΓ©al. 

Heyday.ai is the leading Conversational AI platform for retailers. Taking advantage of technologies like NLP and smart conversation routing they help retailers accelerate online sales and shorten customer support queues. 

Learn about David's journey into entrepreneurship, and ask him all your questions. 

When: Wednesday, May 5 | 6:30 pm

[Talk] Meet Patrick Elie, Co-Founder & CEO at Metrio

For the past 10 years, Patrick has planned and built sustainable business ventures for Metrio clients such as Air Canada, ALDO Shoes, Cascades, RBC, and Target. His fields of expertise include management, sustainability data strategy, marketing, and business development.

Learn about Patrick's journey into entrepreneurship and ask him all your questions! 

When: Wednesday, May 12 | 6:30 pm

[Alumni Panel] Meet our Data Science graduates

Wondering what it's like to attend our Data Science bootcamp and what to expect after graduating?

Join us and hear our graduates as they share their experience attending the bootcamp and looking for a job in data science.

You'll also be able to ask all your questions!

When: Tuesday, May 11 | 6:30pm

Who's Le Wagon?

Le Wagon is specialized in technology education with training campuses operating in 42 cities worldwide and gathers a community of +10,000 alumni. Founded in Paris, France in 2013, Le Wagon has quickly become the most acclaimed coding bootcamp around the world. Le Wagon does not only teach coding & technical skills, it also helps people to think differently and to innovate.

About our Data Science Bootcamp: 

We offer full-time and part-time Data Science bootcamps for professionals from all backgrounds who want to boost their career, join a data science team, or launch their own startup.

From Python fundamentals to advanced Machine and Deep Learning, you will learn how to collect, explore, clean, and transform data into actionable business insights. 

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