What is a Bootcamp and how can I apply?

Our bootcamps are 400-hour specialized training programs in Web or Data that help you launch your career in tech and change your life. Learn from programs created and taught by Tech experts. Become a Web Developer, Product Manager, Data Scientist or Data Analyst and experience a unique human experience.


Schedule an appointment with an advisor

When you apply, we will get back to you to schedule a 30-minute video interview. We will discuss your professional project and your goals.

Take our technical quiz

You will take a technical quiz to assess your knowledge and ability to learn, just like you would at Le Wagon.

Financing options and prepwork

The last step will be to develop the financing plan that best suits your situation. You will then have access to the preparatory work for the training, to be carried out online.

Our immersive bootcamps in Web and Data

400-hour programs that have helped thousands of students launch new careers in the tech industry.


400 hours


1 teacher for 7 students


Flexible format of 2 to 6 months


On campus or online

Web Development

Become a developer and code your web applications from A to Z, from the database to the user interface.

Data Science

Master the skills of a Data Scientist and build your own AI and Machine Learning products.

Data Analytics

Learn to turn your data into actionable insights and land a job as data analyst.

Data Engineering

Design efficient data pipelines. Empower your company to analyze data. Be at the center of the data job market.

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