Master the fundamental skills of Data Analytics in just a few weeks

Check Understand data sourcing

Discover business KPIs and learn how to collect data from various sources to run common analyses (churn, funnel, CAC, AB test, time to convert, etc..)

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Check Master data extraction and transformation

Learn to extract data using APIs, automation tools or product tracking. Transform and load data on a warehouse building the right data layers and using advanced SQL.

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Check Learn BI and data visualization

Communicate your results clearly using the right visualisations and building automated dashboards with the most used BI tools.

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Check Learn Python for Data Analytics

Run analysis on big data sets using Python and Jupyter notebook. Learn the foundations of Machine Learning with Python to collaborate with data scientists or ML engineers.

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Next sessions

Join the next batch of our Data Analytics Bootcamps to start you journey into tech!

New part time dates added. Master data skills around your schedule – perfect for juggling work and personal commitments.

Full-time - 9 weeks

Data Analytics
Jan 15 - Mar 15 2024

Part-Time - 24 Weeks

Data Analytics
Feb 2nd - Jul 20 2024

Full Time - 9 weeks

Data Analytics
Jan 29 - Mar 29 2024

FLEX Part-Time - 24 weeks

Data Analytics
Jan 27 - Jul 13 2024

What you will learn in practice

In this Data Analytics Bootcamp, you will learn the fundamentals you need to become a Data Analyst.

How to apply to the Data Analytics Bootcamp

Our Data Analytics Bootcamp is very complete and intense. But don’t worry, if you don’t have the suggested requirements we will help you get there!


Suggested requirements

Programming: you'll need to be comfortable with data types & variables, conditions, loops, functions and data structures.
Mathematics: you'll need a High School level of Maths, meaning you will be comfortable with functions, derivatives, and systems of linear equations.

Book an interview with our advisor

When you apply, we'll get back to you to schedule a 30 minute video interview. We'll talk about your professional project and your motivation.

Pass our technical quiz

You will receive a Programming & Mathematics quiz to help you and the Admissions team better understand your current level.

Payment options & prepwork

The last step will consist of finding the most suitable financing option for you. Then, you'll jump into the prepwork which consists of a 40h training.
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There are financing options available in London

Finances shouldn't be a barrier to accessing our Data Science bootcamp. We're always finding new ways to facilitate payments and fundings.

Check financing options

Would you like more details about our Data Bootcamp?


Understand the goal of the course


Get our syllabus week by week


Understand our methodology

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Download our Data Bootcamp syllabus

See what our graduates do now

florian-langer carl-logo Allan Holmes
  • Senior Growth Manager
marie-macnee Adesso-SE-Logo Marie Macnee
  • Data Scientist
Cyril Aubry logo n26 Cyril Aubry
  • Data Analyst
charlotte-de-belay nestle-logo Charlotte de Belay
  • Data Analyst

Do you have questions? These answers might help!

Once the Data Analytics Bootcamp ends, you will benefit from our career services. Our team will help you prepare for tech interviews, meet the best local recruiters and connect with relevant alumni. You will also have access to a complete guide to kick-start your tech career after the course: boost your portfolio, prepare for technical interviews, leverage on our 10,000 alumni community, but also to lots of useful Slack channels to find jobs or freelance opportunities.

We will make sure to introduce you to the right people depending on your goal and you will meet with inspiring alumni who will come back to share their post-bootcamp experiences, like how they found a job, started their own company or freelancing career.

These are some career services we will provide:
  • Networking events, job fairs, career workshops and office hours with alumni or tech recruiters
  • Coaching sessions with our Talent Manager or local alumni
  • Resources our Career Playbook
  • Introductions to our network of hiring partners through our Hiring Newsletter
  • Career week with practical workshops (from building a portfolio to inspiring talks)

Le Wagon offers many and funding options and payment plans that may suit your situation. To check your options, please contact our Admissions team - they are happy to help!

The Data Analytics Bootcamp requires some basic knowledge of programming and mathematics.

How much programming do I need to know? Well, you must be comfortable with data types & variables, conditions, loops, functions and data structures like arrays and dictionaries (also called hashes in some programming languages). If you know those topics in other languages than Python (like Ruby, JavaScript, C++, etc.), you have the right programming prerequisites!

How much mathematics do I need to know? In order to join our Data Science course, you also need a minimum level in Mathematics and to be familiar with concepts covered in high school's scientific section. We need you to be comfortable with functions, their derivatives & systems of linear equations. To get up to speed, some additional preparation work will be given to you before the bootcamp start to get a refresh of all these concepts as well as more advanced knowledge on linear algebra and statistics.

After your training, you can launch your tech career in a few months. According to the results of an employability study conducted on Le Wagon Alumni during the second half of 2021, 93% of alumni found a job offer, launched their freelance activity or created their own startup within 6 months after their training. That’s an average of 47 days to find your next opportunity!

Our Data Bootcamp is taught in English. Feel free to contact our Admissions team to determine if your English skills are sufficient for the course.
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