Master the fundamental skills of a Data Engineer in 5 weeks

Check Data engineering 101

Begin by laying the foundation for your data engineering course. Familiarize yourself with the core approach of the program, delve into Python, and grasp the rudiments of data engineering in the cloud.

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Check Database fundamentals

Uncover the core aspects of SQL databases, gaining a solid understanding of both transactional and analytical paradigms. Develop your skills with PostgreSQL and BigQuery, two essential tools for any data engineer.

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Check Data storage and Batch Pipelines

Discover data storage strategies and understand the transformative shift from Docker to Kubernetes, providing a practical understanding of batch pipeline development.

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Check Data at scale

Explore the challenges and solutions involved in handling large-scale data workloads. Learn to manage the transfer, processing, and tracking of large datasets, acquiring the skills necessary to maintain data consistency and accuracy.

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What you will learn in practice

You will learn Data Engineering through 5 modules, either full-time for 5 weeks or part-time for 6 months.

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Data Engineering
Part-time - 6 months

Oct. 14 - Apr. 6 2024

Data Engineering
Part-time - 6 months

Jan. 27 - July. 20 2024

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Join a live workshop and take your first steps into web development, data analytics with Python, JavaScript, SQL, and more!

Create a Recommender for a Recipes Database using a Graph Database with Neo4j

Looking to advance your data engineering skills? Join us for this intensive workshop where we dive into the fascinating world of graph databases with Neo4j. Whether you're a developer, data scientist, or tech enthusiast, you'll discover how graph databases differ from traditional databases, and how to harness them for a unique culinary experience!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2023
1:00 PM (CEST)
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Boost your skills learning from passionate data experts

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  • Mobile Engineering Manager - Capmo

How to apply to our Data Engineering bootcamp

Our Data Engineering course is very complete and intense. But don’t worry, if you don’t have the suggested requirements we will help you get there!


Online application

Apply online with a short motivation statement and info about your background and why you'd like to join the Data Engineering Bootcamp

30 min informal, non-technical interview

This is your opportunity to have all of your questions answered by our Admissions team and for us to find out more about your background, career goals and motivations to join.

Online technical quiz

You will have 3-5 days to complete your quiz to see what your current level of tech & coding knowledge with a deep focus on SQL.

Payment options & prepwork

The last step will consist of finding the most suitable financing option for you. Then, you'll jump into the prepwork which consists of 40 hours of training.


Data recruiters are actively seeking Data Engineers with a solid combination of technical and soft skills, along with sufficient experience to navigate complex situations. Consequently, this bootcamp is not accessible without prior technical training. However, if you're new to the tech or data field and seeking a career in these areas, you might consider our other bootcamps: Web Development, Data Analytics or Data Science.

Le Wagon have many financing options and payment plans that may suit your situation. Our Admission teams are there to help you - feel free to contact them in your relevant city!

The full-time bootcamp is a 5-week program, from Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm. To get the most out of the program, you need to be fully committed to it as it is a truly demanding experience with over 200 hours of code.We also have a part-time online version with night sessions!

After our training, you can launch your tech career in a few months. According to the results of an employability study conducted on Le Wagon Alumni during the second half of 2021, 93% of alumni found a job offer, launched their freelance activity or created their own startup within 6 months after their training. That’s an average of 47 days to find your next opportunity!

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