The future of education and work

Computing is no longer the domain of the experts alone. It’s everywhere, and it needs to be understood and mastered by almost everyone.

– MIT President L. Rafael Reif

With high starting salaries, high job growth and steady demand, computer science is one of the most promising degrees, both for undergraduate and graduate school. 

However, it remains a mystery to most students on how to best prepare for such a degree at the best schools.

That’s why we’re putting together this white paper on “How to prepare for a top computer science degree”. 

Our goal is to help demystify the application process and requirements for anyone applying to computer science programs in the United States.

What's contained in this white paper? 
  • What are the variations of degrees in Computer Science?
  • What academic preparation should you have? 
  • What technical skills do you need to succeed in a top tech degree?
  • What technical tools do you need to know?
  • What coding languages should you learn?
  • What resources can I use to prepare?
  • How do you demonstrate your interest and skills? 
  • What kind of projects should you work on?


Who's the author? 

Allen Sanchez is a former Admissions Counselor for UC-Berkeley’s Master of Information and Data Science, an alumni admissions interviewer for Yale University, and a Driver at Le Wagon China.

About Le Wagon

Le Wagon is a coding bootcamp launched in Paris 5 years ago by ex-Google and ex-HSBC Engineer who wanted to make coding accessible and relevant for everyone.

Le Wagon has been ranked as the #1 coding bootcamp in the world for the last 4 years. We are now running in 37 cities worldwide, creating an incredible network of 6,000+ alumni.