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Data Science Jobs Report: Iberia H1 2021

6 months after they graduated from our Data Science course, 27 alumni responded to our Outcomes survey. Check out some stats and download the full report for salaries, profiles, and details.

Numbers in a nutshell

Out of the 39 respondents who actively sought employment after the bootcamp, whether they looked for a job, for freelancing projects, or started their own company, 94% achieved their objective within 3 months after the bootcamp.

But most importantly, as soon as they started looking for a company, they got hired within a median time of just 14 days. 

Employment Rate DS

Companies hiring them

1-Feb-22-2022-03-37-20-95-PM     2-Feb-22-2022-03-37-04-60-PM   7-2 9-111   5-Feb-22-2022-03-40-03-69-PM 3-Feb-22-2022-03-40-03-70-PM          10                12          6-4

Jump into tech

87% of our students decide to jump into tech after the Data bootcamp. 
Here are the top 5 tech jobs after a bootcamp : 

1. Data Analyst
Management/Strategy Consultant
Product Manager
Data Engineer
Digital Consultant

Proof that the skills they learned are in-demand and the offer they received is of quality, 58% of respondents accepted the first job offer that was made to them. 42% received two to three job offers before accepting one. 

Job Offers DS

Build your own projects

But finding a new job in a company is not the only possible path after the bootcamp. Some of our students decided to join the course to work on their own projects, become freelancers, develop their business ideas or even go back to their previous job with more skills. 
1 out of 2 students chose not to find a new company after the Data Science bootcamp and instead: 

Project DS

In their own words

Want more info?

Read about the average salaries, the alumni profiles, the full list of companies that hired them and more... 
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