How does this payment plan work? 



You don't pay
until you get a job
You will not be charged, until you get a job.
And you will only start paying when you get your first job.
Monthly based payments
in the amount of the salary 

When you get a job you'll pay, 

20% of your monthly income.

Your payments end when:
You have already paid a total of 109,000 MXN
(1x the price of the course)

Understand our model with numbers 🔢


10,900 MXN

Upfront payment before the start of the program



The percentage of your income you will pay


109,000 MXN

When your payments add up to 109,000 MXN you are done!


 $ 150 MXN

During the months you become unemployed, you pay $150 monthly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this plan applicable for?

The ISA Agreement is applicable for Mexican citizens in the Web Development and Data Science bootcamp. Unfortunately foreigners cannot apply for this financial plan, however we have more scholarship opportunities for foreigners! Note that this plan is only applicable for the Web Development Bootcamp.

Is there any type of warrantee needed, for the approval of the I.S.A plan?

No warranty is required. After approval, the only necessary thing would be sending your income situation in a form, that will be sent every weekend.

Will I have help in getting a job?

Yes! We will do our utmost to help you enter the job market, with a Hiring Day at the end of the course and the entire Le Wagon networking network, with more than 10,000 students. In addition, you will have access to the Mexico slack channel, a community with events, individualized mentoring, job openings, partnerships with companies, etc. All this to support you even more in this career change.

Is there a maximum number of students that can do the I.S.A plan?

Yes, we will limit the number of students that can take part in the I.S.A plan based on the size of the batch!

What happens if I lose my job?

Do not worry: if this happens, you will not meet the minimum income criteria and, therefore, nothing will be due that month. All without penalty. These situations, although undesirable, are already foreseen within the I.S.A.

Can I ask questions with someone in Lumni or Le Wagon?

To speak to the Le Wagon Mexico staff, send an email to or send a WhatsApp message to: +52 1 (55) 2070 2930

nest-2  About Le Wagon

Le Wagon is a 9-week (full-time) or 24-week (part-time) programming bootcamp, present in 38 cities in 20 countries. We offer programming skills to creative people, who want to create their startups or develop their know-how in technical skills. Our students work for the best technology companies in Mexico and the world.

During the course, our students learn, on their own, how to build robust and beautiful web applications, from the back-end to the front-end, to work as a team of programmers and to adopt the workflow followed by the most successful startups. We teach not only how to create a product, but also how to think and solve problems as a programmer.


An overview of our course:

🌱 Prep Work: Train for the face-to-face bootcamp with a series of introductory courses.

🏠 Foundations: Learn the main concepts of programming, software architecture and relational databases.

💻 Web Development: Learn user interface design, front-end development and program your own web applications with Ruby on Rails.

📣 Final Projects: Create, design, program, deploy and launch your personal projects in teams.

💼 Hiring Day: Curriculum design, simulation of technical and face-to-face interviews with recruiters.