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Landing.Jobs offers 50 scholarships for  part-time learners 

⏰ Your education, your pace

We believe in making technology more open and available to foster creativity and provide the right skills to grow our ecosystem.

Since 2013, Le Wagon has given 15.000+ people from all backgrounds the tools to kick-start a tech career 🚀 Today they're Software Developers, Data Scientists, Product Managers or run their start-up!

We know that sometimes professional and other life commitments don't allow to stick to a new full-time routine. With our part-time bootcamps, we help you reshape your future in 24 weeks only.

And to support you even further, we joined forces with Landing.Jobs to offer an exclusive scholarship for part-time learners ⚡


👉 So what is it about?

  • Tuition discount 💰 1.000 € off the full bootcamp fee

  • Pay as you learn 🗓️ Payment plan over 6 months

  • Personalized support 🔥 Career coaching sessions by Landing.Jobs throughout the course

The Landing.Jobs scholarship is applicable to both Le Wagon's Web Development and Data Science part-time bootcamps.


Answer your questions

✅ Requirements

The scholarship is open to any candidates willing to upskill or reshape their career through tech! 

Bear in mind that only Portuguese citizens or residents in Portugal for a minimum of 6 months are eligible for this opportunity.

In addition to the scholarship application, candidates must successfully complete Le Wagon's standard admissions process in order to be officially accepted to the bootcamp.

🤔 Web Dev or Data Science?

Not sure which bootcamp is best for you?

When deciding, first think about what your ultimate goal is. Do you want to build products, or analyze data to drive decisions?

Also, consider your level of coding skills. Are you new to tech, or do you want to build on your coding experience and make the move towards data?

Our Web Development bootcamp is a product-driven program teaching the core concepts of programming and full-stack web development. Our students learn how to build robust and beautiful web applications by themselves, collaborate within a team of developers and adopt the technical workflow followed by successful startups.

Whereas during our Data Science bootcamp, students work on all the logical steps of how data flows in an organisation, from collection to use case. From the basics of Pandas to advanced Machine Learning models, you will finish the bootcamp knowing how to collect, store, clean, explore, transform and predict Data in production environments, working in teams with the best-in-class tool belt.

✍️ How do I apply?

Easy as that! Start by:

  1. Filling out the contact form in this page to let us know you're interested in the part-time scholarship.
  2. Our dedicated team will get back to you with the official application and motivational form.
  3. Finally, we will contact you for an interview - Let us know why you would like to study with us!
  4. If you tick all the boxes, congrats and welcome aboard 🤝
ℹ️ Can I have more info?

Of course, we're here to help! By filling out the contact form, we will already know you are motivated and might need some extra information. We will get back to you per e-mail asap, so feel free to share any doubts there!

and get ready for change

⚠️ Upcoming bootcamps and deadline ⚠️

Data science Part-time - 24 weeks
DateOctober 15 - April 8, 2023 Deadline to applyJuly 15, 2022
Web development Part-time - 24 weeks
DateOctober 15 - March 18, 2023 Deadline to applyJuly 15, 2022

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