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We want to give our students the maximium exposure possible to real development environments, and help them transition into their next tech role successfully. We've partnered with Mission+ and put together a capstone program where our students can take their skills to the next level, working under the wing of top developers and product professionals.


  • After graduating from our Web Development Bootcamp, our alumni can apply to the capstone program
  • If there is a fit between Mission+ and our alumni, they will be onboarded and they will work in a rapid prototyping project
  • Projects so far have involved tools for financial institutions, dashboards to aid in dev team productivity, and learning and development applications
  • Each project takes about 6-8 weeks
  • The capstone program is paid - compensation will depend on the scope of the project
  • Throughout the duration of the capstone program, our alumni will be mentored by seniors from Mission+
  • It is open to alumni based anywhere in the APAC region
Mission+ is a small tech firm that does fintech projects for big clients.
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What our studentssay

"Mission+ has led me to work with clients and communities across the international dateline. You learn that even the development process can vary a lot, depending on the needs and goals of the project. One day you’ll be talking to a client in the UK about their ideas, and the next, you’ll be syncing with your team locally over a cup of coffee. Overall, a lot of our
interactions took place online. Mission+ has given me a rare glimpse into how vast the field of Prototyping and App development really is. The nature of Rapid Prototyping encompasses many aspects - UX, market segmentation, design, product demonstrations, an understanding of databases, just to name a few.

Going through Le Wagon has helped me a lot more than I initially imagined and I was definitely able to apply my knowledge. In a nutshell, I was taught how to pick up programming relatively fast (good practices of course), work with databases, and couple this with a focus on building the customer/business value. It was a lot more to it than this overhyped-market-mindset of simply “becoming a code-monkey”, or “the more features you add, the better the app.” It was genuine skills that I would further develop post-Bootcamp.

Going forward, I hope to dive deeper into UX/UI and working with products. There’s a lot of overlap with the skills that you develop from Marketing and managing Customer Relationships, so the experience has
definitely helped with my career. The Tech world can be difficult, however, it could definitely use a lot more people, with a vast array of skills. Especially driven developers who can empathize with a non-
technical background" 

- Samantha, Marketing & Sales Executive (Part-time batch #379)

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