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Tech Immersionand Placement Programme

As the most acclaimed coding bootcamp in the world, we are proud to partner with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to massively support Singaporeans to up-skill and to be industry-ready tech professionals.

The following courses can be subsidised with the TIPP Programme  

The Benefit

These immersive training courses or mentorship & coaching programmes lead to the creation of an impressive portfolio, allows interaction with leading experts in the respective fields and prepare Singaporeans for roles in the ICT industry such as web developers, agile software developers, mobile app developers, user experience designers, and data analysts.

Individuals qualified for the courses supported under the Tech Immersion and Placement programme will enjoy a subsidised course fee.

Course Fees Subsidy Final Cost
$11,944.44 from $8,361.11  $3,583.33


What is TIPP?
The Tech Immersion and Placement Programme (TIPP) is a grant given by the Singapore government organization Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) with the aim to massively support the education needed to place people into tech positions. IMDA partners with industry experts to offer short intensive and immersive training programmes to further develop the Singaporean tech industry.
Who can apply for TIPP?
  • Non-ICT fresh graduates and professionals who are interested in to switch your career
  • ICT professionals interested in up-skilling for a new role in tech
  • Individuals with a passion to join or build a tech start-up
Will I have to apply for TIPP myself?
No. During the application process to join the Le Wagon bootcamp we will check if you are eligible for TIPP and get final approval from IMDA for you.
What are the criteria to be eligible for TIPP?
  • Intention to find a tech job or build a start-up after the bootcamp.
  • No previous formal education or work experience in the field of the course.
  • Not previously benefitted from a TIPP subsidised training program.
  • The remainder of tuition fee to be paid from personal funds (not company sponsored).

*Further criteria might apply. If in doubt with any of the above please check with us!

How much of the tuition fee will be TIPP subsidised?

TIPP will subsidise up to 70%.

  • Tuition fee: SGD 11,944.44
  • TIPP subsidy: from SGD 8,361.11
  • Payable amount: SGD 3,583.33
Will I get a higher subsidy if I am 40 years and above?
You might qualify for a higher subsidy but it's subject to a case by case approval. Please check with us.

Upcoming batches

Web development Full-time - 9 weeks
DateApril 17 - June 19, 2023 Deadline to applyMarch 17, 2023
Web development Part-time - 24 weeks
DateOctober 28 - April 13, 2024 Deadline to applySeptember 28, 2022
Data science Full-time - 9 weeks
DateApril 17 - June 19, 2023 Deadline to applyMarch 17, 2023
Data science Part-time - 24 weeks
DateOctober 28 - April 13, 2024 Deadline to applySeptember 28, 2023
"It was life changing, definitely the push I needed"
Emilea Teo (Web Development Alumni - May '21)
Junior Software Engineer, Zeus Living
"Le Wagon teachers are very knowledgeable and surprisingly approachable too. They are so willing to help students in any way they can – even outside of lessons."
Jaelyn Sng (Web Development Alumni - Jul '21)
Full-stack Developer, PwC
"I found a challenging yet supportive environment to learn at Le Wagon, and learning this new skill has opened so many possibilities for me. It was one of the most fulfilling 9 weeks in my life!"
Felicia Goh (Web Development Alumni - Mar '21)
Full-stack Developer, MThree Consulting

Meet our team

Our Singapore team members are all passionate about education. They have one common aim: to give you the best learning experience you can get, and help you achieve your goals during and after the course.

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Melvin Lee City Manager Linkedin
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Azliana Watters Admission Manager Linkedin
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Shawn Galistan APAC Marketing Lead Linkedin
Dirk Schuler
Dirk Schuler Founder Linkedin
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Nandhini Mohan Career Advisor, APAC Linkedin
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Ashley Yeo Program Manager Linkedin

Private Education Institution

The registered Private Education Institution (PEI), SEA CODING ACADEMY, is the operator of the Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp in Singapore.

  • Registration number: 201832121K
  • Registration period: 7 March 2023 to 6 March 2027
  • Registered office: 51 Goldhill Plaza, #07-10/1, Singapore 308900

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