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Tech Immersion and Placement Programme (TIPP)

As the No.1 Coding Bootcamp we are proud to partner with IMDA to massively support Singaporeans with their tech education. The TIPP subsidy is for fresh grads, mid-career switchers and IT professionals who want to up-skill for a new tech position as well as individuals with a passion to join or build a tech start-up.

Course Fees TIPP Subsidy Final Cost
$10,000 $7,000 $3,000

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Upcoming batches

Program illustration Web Development courses

From the database to the user interface, learn all the skills of a Software Developer and code your own web applications from scratch.

  • Full-time (9 weeks) on campus
    Aug 2, 2021 - Oct 1, 2021 Oct 18, 2021 - Dec 17, 2021
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  • Part-time (24 weeks) on campus
    Aug 14, 2021 - Jan 22, 2021
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Program illustration Data Science courses

From Python to advanced Machine Learning models, get all the skills to join a Data Science team.

  • Full-time (9 weeks) on campus
    Aug 2, 2021 - Oct 1, 2021 Oct 18, 2021 - Dec 17, 2021
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  • Part-time (24 weeks) on campus
    Aug 14, 2021 - Jan 22, 2021
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Le Wagon has THE BEST INSTRUCTORS. I cannot understate how much respect and admiration all my peers have for them. They are passionate, supportive educators and have clearly all fallen hopelessly in love with coding.

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During our 9-week (full-time) or 24-week (part-time) coding bootcamp, learn the most in-demand skills with motivated students, passionate teachers and a hands-on curriculum teaching you how to build software and solve problems.

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What is TIPP?

The Tech Immersion and Placement Programme (TIPP) is a grant given by the Singapore government organization Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) with the aim to massively support the education needed to place people into tech positions. IMDA partners with industry experts to offer short intensive and immersive training programmes to further develop the Singaporean tech industry.

Who can apply for TIPP?

Singaporeans and PRs who are fresh grads, mid-career switchers or IT professionals and want to up-skill for a new tech position or have a passion to join or build a tech start-up.

Will I have to apply for TIPP myself?

No. During the application process to join the Le Wagon bootcamp we will check if you are eligible for TIPP and get final approval from IMDA for you.

What are the criteria to be eligible for TIPP?

  • Intention to find a tech job or build a start-up after the bootcamp.
  • No previous formal education or work experience in the field of the course.
  • Not previously benefitted from a TIPP subsidized training program.
  • Remainder of tuition fee to be paid from personal funds (not company sponsored).
*Further criteria might apply. If in doubt with any of the above please check with us!

How much of the tuition fee will TIPP subsidize?

TIPP will subsidize up to 70%.
  • Tuition fee: SGD 10,000
  • TIPP subsidy: SGD 7,000
  • Payable amount: SGD 3,000

Will I get a higher subsidy if I am 40 years and above?

You might qualify for a higher subsidy but it's subject to a case by case approval. Please check with us.

Private Education Institution

The registered Private Education Institution (PEI), SEA CODING ACADEMY, is the operator of the Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp in Singapore.


  • Registration number:
  • Registration period:
    7 March 2021 to 6 March 2023
  • Registered office:
    51 Goldhill Plaza, #07-10/1, Singapore 308900
  • Manager:
    Dirk Schuler, Gwendolyn Lim
  • Academic and Examination Board:
    Dirk Schuler, Audrey Wong, Guido Caldara, Miguel Jimenez
  • Organizational chart:
    See here


  • Address:
    360 Orchard Road, #08-02, Singapore 238869
  • Facilities:
    85m2 classroom, Wifi, AC, Projector
  • Equipment:
    Students to bring their own laptop
  • Student-Teacher ratio:
    Average 10:1
  • Capacity:
    30 Students

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Also, these 1887 reviews are extremely important for us to make sure we’re always meeting the same level of excellence. Having such positive and enthusiastic reviews about our bootcamps is the ultimate proof that we provide the best tech education for all our students, in the 41 cities we run our coding bootcamps in.
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