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Find out more about how you can finance your training at Le Wagon Lisbon.

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Wondering what funding options are available to you? Whether you are an employee, a freelancer, a student or looking to start a new career, financing is possible!

Payment Plan - Pay as you learn 💸

Take it easy, we have payment plans available for you! After you pay the initial deposit, you can pay the remainder of the tuition as you're doing the bootcamp.

Following our monthly payment plan, you will pay a 2.000 € deposit to secure your seat in the course and then pay the remaining balance over 3 monthly installments.

Bring a Friend Discount 👫

Life-changing adventures are even better with a friend by your side! Apply to any of our bootcamps with a friend, you will both get 500 € off the full course price.

Alumni Discount 🎓

If you've graduated from one of our bootcamps, you are very likely to be interested in repeating your unforgettable experience!

We offer Le Wagon Alumni a 20% discount over our basis price on all our bootcamps here in Lisbon. This way, you may choose to have a 9 weeks break or to upgrade your tech stack over 24 weeks, while you ace your current tech job.

By leveraging your tech skills, you will be able to differentiate your web apps with machine learning or deep learning models or to deploy your data-based products through a full-stack web app.

ISA with Fundação José Neves 🤝

[PT Citizens and Fiscal Residents only]

After being accepted to any of our bootcamps, students who are fiscal residents in Portugal may apply for an Income Share Agreement (ISA) with our partner Fundação José Neves (FJN).

Once your application is approved, FJN will take care of your full tuition fees so that you can focus solely on enjoying your experience and solving our mind-blowing bootcamp challenges!

After your graduation, and only once you have found your dream job in tech, you will repay the tuition through a small percentage of your salary (above a pre-defined minimum income).

Local Scholarship 🇵🇹

[PT Citizens and Fiscal Residents only]

We believe in making technology more open and available in order to foster creativity and develop the skills that will in turn further Portugal’s ecosystem.

That's why we offer each scholarship recipient a 1.000 € discount off the total cost of the full-time bootcamps tuition.

Scholarships are only offered to applicants that are Portuguese citizens or resident in Portugal for a minimum of 6 months. To be eligible, applicants must successfully complete Le Wagon's standard admissions process and be officially accepted.

Get up to 800 € of your tuition back! 🔙

[PT Citizens and Fiscal Residents only]

As Le Wagon Lisbon is certified by DGERT, fiscal residents in Portugal may deduct up to 30% of their Le Wagon tuition from their personal income tax.

According to current legislation, expenses in education can be reimbursed up to a maximum of 800 € for a given household. For more information, please refer to Artigo 78.º-D of CIRS

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