Entrepreneurial Workshop

Benefit from this special free week-end event with Le Wagon Mauritius and La Turbine πŸš€ !

17th / 18th July
La Turbine & Le Wagon call all Mauritian entrepreneurs !




Do you have a start up idea ?
Apply to our week-end workshop to explore your business idea and build your prototype! Learn the introductory business and technical skills to test your product idea with the best in-class providers Gemstone and Le Wagon.

Week-end  Program 

πŸ—“Saturday - 17th July- Turbine

  • Introduction to the lean Methodology
  • Idea Generation Workshop
  • Segments of the Lean Canvas
  • Articulating your value proposition
    [🍝Lunch Break]
  • The Build, Measure and Learn feedback loop
  • Starting the engine with a minim viable product
  • Measuring progress and learning
  • Planning your own MVP

πŸ—“Sunday - 18th July - Le Wagon

  • Build Your Landing Page in 1H30 - HTML / CSS Workshop
  • Learn to prototype a service - API workshop 
    [🍝Lunch Break]
  • Prototype MVP - Workshop
  • Build your idea as a team on Figma
  • Live Demo Evening πŸŽ‰

    *Participation of MUR 1,000 for lunch is required πŸ•

    ⚑️About La Turbine,

    The Turbine is an incubator and a start-up accelerator that helps aspiring entrepreneurs turn ideas into start-ups, and early-stage businesses into thriving, successful companies. Our vision is for Mauritius to become a vibrant and internationally recognised innovation and start-up hub.

    Turbine partner with gemstone who delivers workshops and training programmes that guide leaders to increase their impact and build coherent, successful and future-ready products and teams.

    ⚑️About Le Wagon,

    Le Wagon teaches people the skills they need to change their lives.
    Since 2013, through immersive coding bootcamps, we have been teaching Web Development and Data Science in 42 cities and 25 countries.

    The world's most acclaimed coding bootcamp according to student reviews on Switchup and Coursereport, we have helped more then 10,000 kick-start their tech career, upskill in their job, or launch their own startup.

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