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Discover Le Wagon Montréal's 2021 Job Report

Are you considering joining a coding bootcamp? Or are you just curious to learn about the opportunities to work in the tech industry?

Download our 2021 job report and find out what Le Wagon graduates have achieved after attending our programs 🚀

Kickstart your tech career with Le Wagon

Le Wagon provides you with the technical skills and mindset you need to launch your tech career in just a few months successfully. 

Through immersive bootcamps in Web Development and Data Science, we help students re-invent or boost their career with technology. 

Despite the economic uncertainty caused by the health crisis, 97% of respondents to our outcome survey successfully landed a job after attending our bootcamp during the second half of 2020. On average, it took them 43 days to receive their first job offer. 

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What's in the job report ?

Download our job report to learn about Le Wagon students' performance on the job market.

What's in it:

‣ Get information about our graduates' demographics

‣ Get access to key employment stats, including the goals our graduates pursued, their employment rates, the number of job offers they received, the salary they earn, and more! 

‣ Learn about the typical job positions our alumni hold and the type of companies they work for 


About Le Wagon

Le Wagon specializes in technology education with training campuses operating in 45 cities worldwide and a community of +13,000 alumni. Founded in Paris, France, in 2013, Le Wagon has quickly become the most acclaimed coding bootcamp around the world. Le Wagon does not only teach coding & technical skills, it also helps people to think differently and to innovate. 

About our Web Development Bootcamp: 

From the database to the user interface, our programs teach all the skills of a Software Developer. Included in the program: Programming Basics, SQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Figma, Github & Product development, and UI/UX best practices.

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About our Data Science Bootcamp:

From Python to advanced Machine Learning models, students learn all the skills they need to join a Data Science team. Included in the program: Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Decision Science, and Data Engineering.

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Get the 2021 Montreal Job Report 👇