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Pay your Bootcamp in instalments

Together with our partner Quotanda you now have the possibility to pay your bootcamp fee in up to 12 instalments

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What is payment in instalments?

Quotanda is a Lending as a Service (LaaS) platform that helps schools, banks and organizations manage affordable student financing programs globally.
For students at Le Wagon, financing the Bootcamp with Quotanda means that after you paid the 2000โ‚ฌ deposit to secure your spot, you start paying the rest of your tuition fee in up to 12 monthly instalments once the Bootcamp starts without any interest fees. โœจ

Here's a quick overview of how it works ๐Ÿ‘‡

1. Screening ๐Ÿ•ต๏ธ

Quotanda will evaluate your eligibility to receive the funding based on the information you provide them. Le Wagon is only responsible for the non-financial assessment part of your application to the course.

2. Repayments ๐Ÿ’ธ

You can decide how much you would like to pay upfront as a deposit. A minimum deposit of 2000โ‚ฌ is required and has to be paid before the Bootcamp starts. The remaining balance will be split into 12 equal monthly payments. Repayments are deducted from your bank account through direct debit each first day of the month.

How do I apply?

1. Submit your application to Le Wagon

Submit your application to Le Wagon using the form on the right.

In the โ€œHow did you hear about usโ€ field, select โ€œOtherโ€ and type โ€œQuotandaโ€ โœ…

2. Start your registration at Quotanda

If your interview with Le Wagon is successful, and you successfully passed the online quiz, we will set up a quick chat with you and fill out the initial application for Quotanda.

After you have registered on the Quotanda platform, you are asked to upload important documents and fill them out in detail:
  • Your personal information
  • Your work experience and previous employment
  • Financial information
  • Upload documents such as a copy of your ID etc.
3. Confirmation from Quotanda

Once you have received a confirmation from Quotanda and paid your initial deposit to Le Wagon, you are ready to start your coding journey! ๐Ÿš€

Are there any questions left? Check out the FAQ ๐Ÿ‘€

1. How long will the initial contact until the final confirmation take?

Depending on your situation and how quickly you can upload all relevant information at Quotanda, the process takes between 5-7 days.

2. Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone who is registered in Germany is eligible to apply for payment in instalments.

3. How long is the repayment time?

You will pay a min. deposit of 2000โ‚ฌ upfront to Le Wagon. The remaining balance needs to be paid back within a maximum of 12 months.

4. How do I pay the monthly instalments?

The monthly instalments are collected once you start the Bootcamp on the 1st of every month through Direct Debit.

5. Which are the repayment rates and what is the interest calculated?

Quotanda enables fair and affordable student financing programs. This means that no interest or fees are calculated.

6. Is the repayment tax deductible?

Yes, in Germany you can deduct between 25% - 40% of your repayment costs on your tax income declaration.

7. Does the financing with Quotanda have any impact on the Schufa-Score?

No, there is no initial score-query from Quotanda and no reports from them to Schufa about the contract.

What are the deadlines ?

Web development Full-time - 9 weeks
DateOctober 10 - December 9, 2022 Deadline to applySeptember 30, 2022
Data science Full-time - 9 weeks
DateOctober 10 - December 9, 2022 Deadline to applySeptember 30, 2022

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