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Join us for Porto's Bootcamp Experience 🖥️

Designed for beginners, Le Wagon's Porto Bootcamp Experience is a free learning series in partnership with Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos and Geek Girls to give you your first contact with the world of web development and promote digital literacy.

Kicking off on June 1st at our Porto campus, this two-day full-time program combines lectures with practical challenges to provide a truly immersive experience. At the end of the two days, you will always get access to slides and extra learning material to keep practicing. 🔥

To cap it off, join us on June 2nd to celebrate Le Wagon Porto's one-year anniversary, for an evening of networking, celebrating, and partying with our community!

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The agenda 🗓

Thursday, June 1st, 9 am to 6 pm @ Le Wagon Porto

Web 101:

Let’s start with an important topic when it comes to programming: the Web. What is a website and how does it work? What’s really going on behind the scenes when we visit a website and navigate through it by clicking on links? 🤔


In this module, you will learn the tools you need to structure design and build your own online portfolio. This will include how to structure your landing page with HTML, then style it with CSS and finally get your website live and all the necessary tools to start designing and building pages yourself without any prior coding experience!

Friday, June 2nd, 9 am to 6 pm @ Le Wagon Porto

Server Logic & Ruby:

In this course and in our Bootcamp, we will learn Ruby, a back-end coding language designed for programmer happiness. Ruby is beginner friendly and can be used either on its own or within the Ruby on Rails web framework, which is taught in the later weeks of our bootcamp. So let’s get started by delving into some fundamental programming concepts using Ruby’s syntax. 🚀

Client Behavior & Javascript:

JavaScript is what allows us to add cool dynamic behavior and interactivity to our web pages. We will discover how to execute JavaScript code, learn how to change web page content after it has been loaded in the browser, and study how to add dynamic behavior depending on user action.

Friday, June 2nd, 6:30 pm @ Le Wagon Porto

We are celebrating two important events. It is Le Wagon Porto's 1 year anniversary and we are also commemorating 20.000 alumni graduating from Le Wagon worldwide🎉. Come and join our community with an evening of networking and celebrations!

Key information ✨

Check Who is this for

Begginers or junior developers 🔎 who want to take their first steps into full-stack web development.
Tech employees 👩‍💻 who whish to know more about web development.
Entrepreneurs 🚀 looking to build web products with an approachable tech-stack.
UX/UI or graphic Designers 🎨 who wish to know more about development and programming languages.

Check What will you learn

• The fundamentals of web development, enabling you to further investigate and practice on it.
• The inner workings of the web and how they are connected through server-client systems.
• Take your first steps into server logic with an approachable programming language.
• Learn about the main technologies powering the web including HTML, CSS & Javascript and their functionality.

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