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Join us for Porto Data Week 📈

Designed for beginners and data-curious professionals, Le Wagon's Porto Data Week is a free learning series in partnership with Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos, Capgemini Engineering and Geek Girls to help make data science and analytics more accessible and encourage people to apply it on their day-to-day professional tasks.

Kicking off on May 16th at our Porto campus, this three-day program combines practical workshops with inspirational talks to provide a truly immersive experience. At the end of every event, you will always get access to slides and extra learning material to keep practicing. 🔥

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The agenda 🗓

Tuesday, May 16th, 6:30 pm @ Le Wagon Porto

Analyse how gender equality (or inequality) reveals itself through data 📊

In this first workshop we will go into the logic and foundations behind Machine Learning, to better understand how it can be used and where not to. The Different use cases of Machine Learning while giving you the chance to solve two of the most typical Machine Learning tasks yourself - regression and classification and in the end, we will go over how to predict the gender pay gap based on some features such as job descriptions, age, and other demographics

Wednesday, May 17th, 6:30 pm @ Le Wagon Porto

Get started with Data Viz in Tableau 🧑‍🎨

This second workshop will be focused on how to draw objective (the “what”) and subjective (the “how” and “why”) insights from data, performing an analysis to enable creative storytelling and provide actionable information to its consumers. Tableau will be explored to build a complete and actionable dashboard. We will import a dataset to this tool and insert relevant charts, such as profit margin by category, city and state (visualised on a map), monthly total sales by segment, among others, conjugating these elements on a fully functional dashboard!

Thursday, May 18th, 6:30 pm @ Le Wagon Porto


The final day of the program will be a great way to network with our community, partners and gain great insight from our final talk with Capgemini Engineering, who will leverage they expertise in the tech industry to talk about the role of data in their company.

Key information ✨

Check Who is this for

Data-curious professionals 🔎 willing to get a taste of what it means to work with large amounts of data.
Tech employees 👩‍💻 wishing to understand the power of analyzing large data sets with the right tools.
Entrepreneurs 🚀 working on data projects in need for an inspirational boost to kick-off their ideas.
Managers or executives 💼 looking into the main challenges of modern data analysis, sourcing and visualization.

Check What will you learn

• The fundamentals of data science and analytics, enabling you to further investigate and practice on it.
• The potential of data to enhance the day-to-day professional activities or kick-start business ventures.
• The right set of analytical tools to take your projects to the next level.
Inspiration through the knowledge and experience of data professionals.

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