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What is the Income Share Agreement?

In partnership with StudentFinance, we are offering this new pay-for-success financing model because we are committed with your success. The ISA is a contractual agreement in which you receive education funding. In exchange, you agree to share a fixed percentage of your post–graduation income over a defined period of time.

1. Pay no tuition until you land a job

We take care of your tuition cost (6.000€) until you are making at least €16.000 a year.

2. Monthly payments are based on what you make

When you are employed, you'll start to make monthly payments based on a percentage of your income, until you've reached the cap or the payment schedule ends.

How to apply? 

Requirements to be eligible for the ISA
  • Be an European Citizen or hold a long term residency that allow you to work 
  • Overcome the admission process to Le Wagon's Coding Bootcamp
  • You should speak English
Steps to apply to the ISA
  1. Apply to our bootcamp through the ISA form. Our team will get back to you to schedule an interview. 
  2. Have the 45 min video interview with us and start your 5-day Coding Challenge
  3. Complete the 5-day Coding Challenge and answer the technical test
  4. If you get approved, you'll receive the link to submit your ISA request together with StudentFinance
  5. You should receive the answer in 48 hours. If it's favorable, we'll sign the training agreement and the ISA contract.



Starting Date: 19th April 2021
Deadline to apply: 1st March 2021


Starting Date: 26th April 2021
Deadline to apply: 5th March 2021

How much would you pay?

Examples of repayments

Annual salary: 16.000€
Monthly payment: 134/month
Duration: 48 months

Annual salary: 24.000€
Monthly payment: 200/month
Duration: 48 months

Annual salary: 30.000€
Monthly payment: 250/month
Duration: 48 months


Is there an interest rate?
In an ISA there is no interest, no debt burden. Since only income is shared, the obligation to make payments pauses when income falls below minimum threshold. During this deferment period, there is no compounding interest so it is possible, but not expected, that total payments may be less than the original amount financed. This means that ISAs never make the situation worse when someone faces financial hardship making them a socially responsible alternative to loans.
What are the benefits?
ISA payments adjust according to your income after you graduate from the bootcamp, so you always pay what you can afford. In addition, the minimum income threshold ensures you will not pay until you earn above that level.
How do I pay for my ISA?
Monthly payments are calculated by applying the income share to your total monthly earned income. You will receive a monthly bill for this amount, and you can make your payments by direct debit or online.
What happens if I don't get a job or my income falls below the minimum income threshold?
The minimum income threshold for this ISA is €1.3333/month (equivalent to €16.000/year). If you don't get a job or your income falls below €16.000/year, your payments will pause. Your payments will resume when your income increases above the threshold.
Do I still have to pay if I don't finish the program?
Yes. You may satisfy your ISA at any time by paying the payment cap minus any payments you’ve already made with no penalty at all.
Am I required to pay the amount I received as a tuition credit?
You are required to pay the agreed-upon percentage of your income for the prescribed term of the contract. The amount you pay is not tied to the value of the tuition benefit you received.
Will I be required to pursue a specific career?
Absolutely not. There are no requirements stipulating the nature or type of employment that you choose after graduation.
What are the terms of an ISA?
ISA Amount: The amount credited to your account (the net tuition of the program you choose to do)
Income Share: The percentage of monthly income you will pay back
Required Payments: The number of monthly payments required to fulfill your ISA obligation (also called payment term)
Payment Window: The maximum time for your ISA. An ISA in good standing ends when the payment window is over, even if - based on your monthly earned income - you have been required to pay less than the ISA amount or nothing at all.
Minimum Income Threshold: The income that you must be making in order to make payments. If you are making below that, then payments are paused
Payment Cap: The maximum amount you can be obligated to share; expressed as a multiple of the ISA amount
What is the risk associated?
The risk associated with an ISA is that Participants can end up paying more than they would with a loan, but only if they have a significant increase in income, performing significantly higher than the average of the students attending that education program. Even in this scenario, their payments are capped and they have the option to early prepay and terminate the ISA.
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