Start your tech career this Summer in Portugal or Spain

This summer 2023, take your professional skills to the next level with our immersive web and data development training. Join us and take advantage of a very special offer: we will cover your flight!
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Conditions of eligibility


Register for one of our next Full-Time Bootcamps which will start in July 2023 in Lisbon, Porto, Madrid or Barcelona


You may select any in-person course (Web Development, Data Science, Data Analytics)


Mention the code SUMMER-CAMPAIGN in the motivation section of your application


Your application must be accepted following the selection process to benefit from the flight offer


The flight offer is up to a maximum of 300 euros from the EU or UK and 500 from outside of EU or UK. We have 20 limited seats for this campaign on a first come, first served basis


This offer applies to upfront tuition payment and not if you're applying to any tuition financing plan. The amount will be discounted from your tuition and there will be no transfer of funds from Le Wagon

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Join us and take advantage of a very special offer: we will cover your flight! Up to 500€*

Come and be a part of our full-time bootcamp this Summer in Portugal and Spain, and embark on your tech journey while enjoying the best of our sunniest campus in the world!

Web Development Full Time - ENG
From 10 july until 08 september

Become a developer and code your web applications from A to Z, from the database to the user interface.

Web Development Full Time - ES
From 10 july until 08 september

Our first bootcamp in Spanish! Join us in Madrid or Barcelona and become a developer from A to Z, from the database to the user interface

Data Analytics Full-Time - ENG
From 10 july until 08 september

Learn how to analyze complex data and secure a job as a Data Analyst.

Data Science Full-Time
From 10 july until 08 september

Master the skills of a Data Scientist and build your own AI and Machine Learning products.
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From engineering to AI specialist: the story of Maria.

After working as an engineer & project manager, MarΓ­a did the Data Science bootcamp to change careers.

β€œThere is such a huge need for talent in Data Science at the moment and a vast variety of opportunities that everyone can find their place on the job market. Every background is welcome. The learning curve at the bootcamp is incredible - you learn in 9 weeks what you might learn in a year at University.”

Maria is currently working as an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Specialist on computer vision, in TheCodeLives.

Discover her story


Le Wagon is a coding bootcamp that was founded in Paris in 2013. It has since expanded to over 45 cities worldwide, including London, Barcelona, Berlin, Tokyo, and Melbourne. Le Wagon's bootcamps are full-time and intensive, lasting for 9 weeks. The curriculum is designed to be hands-on and practical, with students working on real-life projects from day one. Le Wagon's methodology is based on a blended learning approach, which combines live lectures, pair programming, and individual challenges.

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Yes there are. You can read more about our financing options available in our website. However the flight offer is only available for upfront payments

Yes, it is a special offer only avaible for the bootcamp starting in July 10th of 2023

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