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Le Wagon Web Atelier is a free learning series that will walk you through all you need to know to create your own digital product. Whether you're simply web-curious or seeking tangible insights into creating a digital product, this workshop is tailored just for you. 🚀

Starting August 1st, in this four-session workshop you will learn about UX Design, Ruby, JavaScript game coding, and Github essentials. Additionally, you will be able to network with professionals in the industry. 🔥
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The agenda 🗓

Tuesday, August 1st
🇪🇸 6:30pm | 🇵🇹 5:30pm

In this first workshop, you will learn how to prototype your own app. We will kick building an UI Kit with Figma, to then create the wireframe, the structure of your website. At the end, you will be able to validate usability with your prototype.

Thursday, August 3rd
🇪🇸 6:30pm | 🇵🇹 5:30pm

In this session, you will learn the basics of Ruby, an essential programming language for back-end development, and the ideal language for beginners. During the workshop you will get to know the core concepts of Ruby, and the basics of programming such as variable assignment, if statements, and loops.

Tuesday, August 8th
🇪🇸 6:30pm | 🇵🇹 5:30pm

This third workshop will be focused on learning the basics of JavaScript, an essential programming language for both front-end and back-end development. You will be able to translate logic into coding logic with JavaScript, as well as programming your web version of Rock, Paper, Scissors using JavaScript libraries.

Thursday, August 10th
🇪🇸 6:30pm | 🇵🇹 5:30pm

During the last workshop, you will thrive into the essential tool for engineers and coders: GitHub, a user-friendly platform that helps developers store and manage their code. You will learn the basic Commands in Git, its most common features and functions, as well as the best practices to be efficient as a developer.

Key information ✨

Check How does it work?

• All events are online and start at 18:30 🇪🇸 / 17:30 🇵🇹 time. Workshops have a duration of 1h30 approximately.
• After every workshop, you will always get access to slides and exercises to keep practicing! 🤓
• By signing up to this page's form, you will receive an email (the previous day of the first workshop) with the link to Livestorm, our webinar platform to attend all workshops.
• If you attend the 4 workshops, you will get a certificate 🎓🙌🏼.

Check Who is this for

Web-curious beginners 🔎 willing to get a taste about Web Applications, Games, Mobile Apps, Prototypes and UI Designs.
Tech employees 👩‍💻 wishing to learn more about creating digital products.
Entrepreneurs 🚀 working on web projects in need for an inspirational boost to kick-off their ideas.

Check What will you learn

• The fundamentals of UX/UI, enabling you to prototype a wireframe in Figma.
• The essential programming language for back-end development: Ruby.
• The basics about JavaScript, as well as programming your own game with this tool
• The basic commands on GitHub, the essential tool for engineers and coders.

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